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Welcome to Condato India!

We supply high quality home lifts that are produced in Sweden.
Our lifts are space efficient, strong and crafted with a modern Scandinavian design.

Choosing one of our Condato lifts comes with a few advantages:

installation india
Easy to Install

The Condato home lift drive system is based on the so called Screw and Nut Technology (SN) so its more space efficient and easy to install. Our estimated installation time is only 3-4 days if the site is prepared, following our standard conditions.

Energy Saving

Our home lifts are running on low energy and requires only 1500 watt – 4000 watt when its operating. This energy level can be compared  to a washing machine or an AC.

Environmentally Friendly

All Condato lifts are made by environmental friendly materials and is completely safe for our nature.

Customer Satisfaction

We always keep a stock of spare parts close at hand so we can help our customers if there might be an issue or to the troubleshoot the lift. At Condato we guarantee the best after sales service to maintain high customer satisfaction.


Please feel free to contact our support team at:
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Condato Headquarter

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Kranvägen 6, Degerfors, Sweden

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Home Lift Models

red mini
Condato Mini

Condato Mini is our smallest and most space efficient lift. It comes with a platform size of 700 x 1100 so it can easily fit where space is an issue. Mini can cover a weight of a maximum 250 kg which makes it perfect lift for 2-3 people.

Condato Prime in white
Condato Prime

Condato Prime is our best seller and our absolute favorite. This lift offers 30 different platform sizes and has a weight capacity of 500 kg which makes it perfectly suitable for any type of home. Travel height is up to 15 m which is equal to approximately 5 floors.

Black home lift from Condato India
Condato Grande

Condato Grande is our public lift, made for buildings where you are in a need for greater power though it can carry up to a maximum of 1000 kg. Grande has 55 different platform sizes to choose of and is a perfect choice for offices, fitness centers, resorts, hospitals, clinics and smaller gallerias.

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The Condato team Is with pleasure, ready to help and consult to make the best solution for you and your dream home.

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