Condato Grande

Black home lift from Condato India

Condato Grande is our public lift that displays pure craftsmanship and ingenuity. It has a strong load capacity of 1000 kg and comes with a modern and elegant Scandinavian design that makes it easy to fit in any environment.

  • 55 different platform sizes to choose from and a shaft pit of only 110 mm means we can always offer you a lift that fits exactly to your building.
  • Every Condato Grande comes with a full height platform back in a modern design, which also provides you with correct lighting during your ride.
  • A fantastic design and construction for an easy and quick installation of only 2-4 days! Plug n´ play all the way through.
  • Competitive material prices together with the low installation costs make the Condato Grande to one of the best priced lifts on the market.


Recommended installation


Rated load

1000 kg

Rated speed

Max 0.15 m/sec

Height limits

Max travel height 15 m

Top height 2.3 m / 1.1 m

Pit depth

110 mm


5 stops

Standard platform sizes (w x d)

1400 mm x 2000 mm / 1400 mm x 2500 mm / 1100 mm x 2200 mm

Standard lift dimensions (w x d)

1830 mm x 2080 mm / 1830 mm x 2580 mm / 1530 mm x 2280 mm *, **

Cut-out size

+ 30 mm on above

Other platform dimensions width

1000 – 1400

Lift dimension (w)

+ 430 mm (+460 mm if door on B-side)

Other platform dimensions depth

1500 – 2500

Lift dimension (d)

+ 80 mm (if door on A & C +110 mm)

Cut-out size

+ 30 mm

Standard shaft finish

Laminated sandwich panels in RAL 9003 (white)  (T=25 mm, H=565 mm), Glazed panels optional.

Standard platform finish

RAL 9003 (white)

All powder coated, other RAL colours available upon  request, black rubber flooring.


Swing doors, doors can be on 3 sides

Drive system

Screw and nut

Control system


Power supply

380-400V 3-phase 50/60 Hz 16A, frequency converter


4 kW

Battery emergency lowering

Incl. as standard

Door buttons

One touch

Platform buttons

One touch
Autometic run
All buttons with tactile and braille


MD 2006 / 42 / EC

Manufactured in


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