Condato Mini


Condato Mini is our smallest and most cost effective lift. Mini with its compact platform size 700×1100 is suitable for small areas, either as built in or stand alone. With a maximum travel height of 15 meter and a load capacity of 250 kg, Mini can cover the needs for most 2-4 floor buildings where space is an issue. Condato Mini is equipped with a standard mirror above the user panel. Mini is just like it’s big brother’s Prime and Grande a high quality lift but instead made to provide the customer with the highest space efficiency.

  • Compact lift dimensions allow Condato Mini to fit even under very narrow circumstances.
  • Soft start/stop as standard for the best possible comfort.
  • A fantastic design and construction for an easy and quick installation of only 2-4 days! Plug n´ play all the way through.


Recommended Installation


Rated load

250 kg

Rated speed

Max 0.15 m/sec

Height limits

Max travel height 15 m

Top height 2.3 m / 1.1 m

Pit depth

50 mm (ramp 50 mm optional)


5 stops

Standard platform sizes (w x d)

700 x 1100

Standard lift dimensions (w x d)

1070 x 1180

Cut-out size

+ 30 mm on above

Lift dimension (w)

+ 370 mm (+400 mm if door on B-side)

Lift dimension (d)

+ 80 mm (if door on A & C +110 mm)

Cut-out size

+ 30mm

Standard shaft finish

Laminated sandwich panels in RAL 9003 (white)  (T=25 mm, H=565 mm), Glazed panels optional.

Standard platform finish

RAL 9003 (white), all powder coated. Other RAL colours available upon request.
Black rubber flooring.


Swing doors, doors can be on 3 sides

Drive system

Screw and nut

Control system


Power supply

380-400V 3-phase 50/60 Hz 16A,  230V 3-phase 50/60  Hz 16A  frequency converter as standard

*230V 1-phase 50/60 Hz 16A with frequency converter optional


2.2 kW

Battery emergency lowering

Incl. as standard

Door buttons

One touch

Platform buttons

Auto run

All buttons with tactile and braille


MD 2006 / 42 / EC, EN81-41

Manufactured in


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